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Music Monday’s – Attlas

At one point, the identity of producer/DJ ATTLAS was a bit of mystery. Since he was on Mau5trap, many hypothesized that it was a side project of deadmau5 because he song sound and structure reminisced of some of Joel’s earlier work. Well ATTLAS may also be a Canadian, it is safe to say that they are two different people.

The reason I wanted to showcase ATTLAS for this week’s music Monday had a lot to do with the fact that lately I have been consumed with reading and learning more about great story tellers. While often you will hear about a DJ is a great story teller, ATTLAS literally has a mix series creatively called ‘Storyline’ which he uses movie quotes to drive a narrative throughout the mix. I have not really heard any DJ do this well before ATTLAS and I must say, more DJ’s should take notice, it is really cool effect and sets the mix apart.







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