DAILEY BLEND | Music Monday’s – Brendan Fallis
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Music Monday’s – Brendan Fallis

Music Monday’s – Brendan Fallis

I always think it is interesting or rather random how you end up finding out about someone or something. Case in point, how I learned about Brendan Fallis the DJ, Manager, and all around tastemakers Mr. Brendan Fallis.

If my memory serves me correctly, it was 2013; I was working in NYC and wearing a lot of suits at the time and was in need of a refresh as my current blue suit had become tattered from overuse.  I was living out of the Sheraton Tribeca at the time and knew that I was close to J. Crew’s Ludlow Shop in Tribeca and decide to head there and check out what they had available. While waiting for the sales clerk as one often does in these sort of fancy suit places,  I happened to pick up their latest catalog and began to flip through the pages. In doing so, I stumbled upon someone wearing a pretty kick-ass spring-summer blue suit and an interesting little story about how the model who happened to be Mr. Fallis himself, was a DJ, Manager, Entrepreneur, and all-around tastemaker. Before the sale rep came back, I jotted down his name and figured I would check out some of his mixes online at a later time.

Fastword a few months, I was looking through my to-do-lists and happen to find a brief note that stated, “check out DJ Brendan Fallis.” After a quick google search, I was able to locate his Soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/brendan-fallis), and I began to have a listen to a few of his original tracks and a handful of his past mixes. While the word taste-maker is frequently thrown around; Brendan’s musical depth and breadth surely were on full display. I found myself extremely impressed by his ability to take me from an old school hip-hop song to modern day EDM, and follow that up with some rare downtempo, deep house track, all without missing a beat.

Below is a highlight of his latest mix series “Still Listening.” I strongly advise you to head to his SoundCloud page to hear more of Brendan’s mixes.






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