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Music Mondays – Gina Turner

Hailing from New York, Gina Turner grew up with the NYC House sounds of clubs like Sound Factory and the Shelter. Departing for Boston to go to Emerson College where she gained her radio shows on 88.9 WERS and 99.9 WECB. She moved again to Los Angeles where she formed the DJ duo STACCATO with Louisahhh of Bromance Records fame and founded an after hours movement called MAJOR.

Since then, Gina has moved back to the Tri-State where she has launched a number of records on her imprint Turn It Records as well as started a Hybrid yoga/dance music movement with her ‘The Divine Movement.’ Needless to say, this woman stays busy.

I am pleased to add showcase DJ Gina Turner on this edition of Music Mondays with her all new exclusive mix for ‘Wicked Paradise’ in celebration of Labor Day.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


In addition to the normal musical feature, I wanted to highlight an aritlce from Huffington Post that was written a few years back by Gina all about starting her own label and doing it her way. I am all for people taking charge of their own destiny and I think it is great that she took charge and did it her way.

As most striving producers and DJs know, the importance of having a steady amount of releases is priceless. But sometimes, finding a proper home for the music you are making can be an uphill battle. I found myself in this position in the beginning of 2012. Though at this point, I had released collaborations of my own for a couple years under the artist name Nouveau Yorican, (my side project with Laidback Luke) and released remixes and edits, bootlegs of my own and had even lent my vocals to artists like Zoo Brazil. I had yet to make a real solid introduction to what the “Gina Turner” sound was sonically, and I had yet to release a debut original EP.

I was working hard and had tons of demos (and still have these demos, in fact) that I was shopping to labels. With one constant dilemma, finding the right one. My sound is somewhere in between techno and house, and I hate to be limited by genres, so my music does reflect that!

Read the full article via Huffington Post here.



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