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About This Project

This week I took things a little darker, a little more gritty, and I almost thought about making this a Sunday Sessions mix as I mixed it on a Sunday. But in keeping true to form with Sunday Sessions, I want to keep Dailey Blend something that is a slightly more planned out and Sunday Sessions to be a little more of the moment. What does that really even mean?

With Dailey Blend I typically select ~20 tracks that I think are of the moment, go well together. Then I prepare the mix which typically means playing around with how songs sound and fit together. Once I have a solid track list, I mix the songs and produce the podcast.

With Sunday Sessions, I typically fire up the Laptop, CDJ, turntable etc…. Press play and see where things go. I really love both styles, Sunday Sessions typically tend to be a little more dark a little more techno influenced and so this mix was somewhere right on the edge.


So that was a long story to basically say, the mix is filled with house hits and I hope you enjoy.

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Find Reed and Dailey Blend on the web at the following locations:

Dailey Blend

Web: DaileyBlend.com 
Twitter: @DaileyBlend
Instagram: @DaileyBlend

Reed Dailey

Web: ReedDailey.com 
Twitter: @ReedDailey
Instagram: @ReedDailey