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About This Project

This was the second time I recorded Sunday Sessions with Pioneer’s RecordBoxDJ software and while I a had a blast using DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister.  This time, I decided to use the DDJ-SX2 from Pioneer. While the DDJ-SX2 wasn’t natively designed for the RecordBoxDJ solution, I have a hard time believing that the software wasn’t already in the pipeline when they were designing the controller due to the tight integrations between software and hardware.  Another first for me was the fact that I record this whole mix using only the master cue on the controller with so speakers. The main reason for this approach was nothing cool or sexy, but I am currently living with my in-laws while my house is getting ready and no one in the right mind should subject their in-laws to house music, much less house music late in the evening hours while they are trying to sleep. While I wasn’t sure how just using the cue master would work, I had seen LaidBack Luke try it in his Vlog and figure I would give it a try with this controller. I must say, the process was really easy, quality great, and my ears were by no means ringing at the end of the session.

Here is a quick overview of my setup.

  • Channel A/B as it would normally be on any setup
  • Master Cue basically acted as my Main Out aka the speakers or main audio people would hear the music from
  • Channel A/B Cue buttons were used to cue against the track playing
  • Channel A/B each had the same FX setup, with a Delay, Echo, and Reverb, basically my standard go-to-FX setup, but I am always open to changing that up
  • Through Pioneer’s RecordBoxDJ software, I was able to just hit the record button, start mixing, and at the end of the mix, hit the record button to stop the mix and within seconds I had a high-quality WAV audio files ready to share with the world.  Yup, it was that simple

Hope you enjoy the mix and good luck with trying out the new RecordBoxDJ software solution.

This mix and all other previous mixed can be found on iTunes or MixCloud. Don’t forget to download the Apple Podcast App or download my personal favorite podcast app the Overcast app.


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On Twitter & Instagram: @ReedDailey