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About This Project

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to review DJ products for (@DJTIMES DJTIMES.COM) DJ Times magazine. Sometimes I like the product other times they are just ok and it is part of the job. But in this situation, I was fully on board, excited to get back to playing with vinyl, and really looking forward to checking out a mixer with onboard cue markers.

This was the first time I recorded a set using the Mixars Duo (Mixer) and their all new LTA straight arm turntable. The whole platform runs off of Serato so it was quick for me to pick up in terms of the plug-and-play. While the Mixar is really built for folks who are going to do som serious scratching, it still worked flawlessly for recording a house set. Being that this was the first opportunity I had to use a mixer with built in cue points for a guy who lives and dies by cue points. Having them all right in front of me and directly next to the volume control and efx was a really nice upgrade from what I am use to. To me it really  showed where mixers are headed as well as the influence that controllers have had on non-controller setups. I would not be surprised if you started to see more house/EDM style mixers followed suit and adding CUE buttons to their layout.


DJ Setup:

Serato 1.9.1

Left Channel – Internal Mode (I didn’t have time to setup my other turntable)

Right Channel – All New Mixar LTA Straight Arm Turntable

Mixer – All New Mixar DUO

Record Mode – Internal

Like all of my Sunday Sessions mixes, this mix was recorded live with fairly little prep work ahead of time. Basically, I go into the mix with a bucket of 40-50 songs, press record, then play and see where things go. I hope you enjoy the mix.

This mix and all other previous mixed can be found on iTunes or MixCloud. Don’t forget to download the Apple Podcast App or download my personal favorite podcast app the Overcast app.


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