DAILEY BLEND | Sunday Sessions 10 2016 (Mid Month Mix)
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About This Project

I had so much fun recording October’s edition of Sunday Sessions, I went ahead and recorded a second mix. This time I used of my favorite quotes from the Matrix to kick the mix off. I hope you enjoy.


Like all of my Sunday Sessions mixes, this mix was recorded live with fairly little prep work ahead of time. Basically, I go into the mix with a bucket of 40-50 songs, press record, then play and see where things go. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Stream the mix below

This mix and all other previous mixed can be found on iTunes or MixCloud. Don’t forget to download the Apple Podcast App or download my personal favorite podcast app the Overcast app.


Web: DaileyBlend.com
On Twitter & Instagram: @DaileyBlend

Web: ReedDailey.com
On Twitter & Instagram: @ReedDailey