The data provided in this database is updated quarterly and represents a snapshot of employees, salaries, and titles as of the date listed. State … (Dec 16, 2020) The paper is the second largest in the state. The website is intended as a general guide for salary research and is subject to estimated salaries instead of actual salaries. Because it is a snapshot, the database may not accurately reflect an employee's permanent salary or all sources of funding provided throughout the year. Based in North Carolina, The News & Observer is a key player in the The national average salary for a The News & Observer employee in the United States is $35,529 per year. 12 Monthly Annual Salary: Exp Salary Installments (10 months) Salary Installments (10 months) 0 $3,850: $3,208.33 $38,500: N/A N/A: N/A 1: … Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics. The Charlotte Business Journal has compiled the annual salaries for more than 82,000 North Carolina state government employees, over 150 of whom make more than $200,000. Compensation below that amount is available only in ranges. nc state employee salary database 2020. Mailing Address 1410 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-1410. Despite the COVID-19 economic fallout, some state workers in North Carolina will get pay raises Wednesday with the start of the … Physical Address 3512 Bush Street Raleigh, NC 27609 Map It! Return to Content. Seven ferry operations managers’ pay soared by more than half from the low $40,000 range to nearly $64,000. Federal outlays to state government (2014-2017) • State tax revenue projections and shortfalls (2020-2021) • Proportion of state government general revenues from the federal government (2014-2018) • State debt per capita (2014-2018) • State unfunded public … This data is provided by the South Carolina Department of Administration's (Admin) Division of State … The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act provides that all compensation for employees with earnings equaling $50,000 or more annually may be released. Posted on December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Mailing Address: MSC 1331 , Raleigh , NC 27699-1331 Physical Address: 116 W. Jones Street , Raleigh , NC 27603 The salary database information may or may not included base salary, overtime, benefits, bonuses or other data.